Low-Fat Text Edtors

Memory-wise, after having run for mild editing, the following text editors take the following amount of RAM:

Brackets: more than 124M

Sublime Text: 67M

Kate: 44M

Emacs: 16M

Vim: 8M

Amazingly, each take twice the memory of the next.

(No add-ons except for vim. Emacs with ido-mode on. All running in GUI mode. All in latest version. All having the same (JS) file opened. Figures rounded. Linux KDE.)

It is highly likely that Atom will take about the same as Brackets. I don’t know how the Vim gods did it, but I would need 15 instances (as in, windows with opened buffer) to take the amount of space Brackets takes. Considering I customized it with most features that Sublime / Brackets users benefit from, picture me impressed.